1. St.Paul’s Higher Secondary School @ Singamparai

Our School situated in Mukkudal town Panchayat of Tirunelveli District. 740 studetns are studying in our School from the neighboring selven villages. Most of them are SC, ST, MBC, OBC and other commnities.

Though our students are from very remote village we are having the average of pass 98% result in higher secondary and 99% in SSLC from the last 14 Years. In our school we are having SCOUT, JRC, ECO Club, RRC Literary Association and many programs. We are encouraging our students to participate any one of the above programs. We are having 15 classes with 20 staff members.

2. R.C. Middle School @ Thalarkulam


3. R.C. Primary School @ Singamparai

4. R.C. Primary School @Mukkudal


5. R.C. Primary School @ Mylapuram

Our Village in situated in Ariyanakayakipuram Panchayat in Tirunelveli District. Our School R.C. Middle School is especially ment for the village students. This school was started in 1950. Now we have 315 students and 9 staff members with 11 class rooms. Students are given good educaino. They are all trained in different activities, especially in arts and sports. Parents of the students are mostly beedi worksers, farmers, Masons and Coolies. They all benefit a lot from this school to calvulate their childern.

From R.C.Christians, Hindus other relegious students are students are studying in our school.

6. St. Paul’s Nursery School @ Singamparai

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