St.Paul’s Shrine, Singamparai Welcomes you !

.: புனித சின்னப்பர் தேவாலயம் – Punitha Chinnappar Thevalayam :.

About 200 years ago the Catholic community converted by St.Francis Xavier and other Catholic Community from Somantheperi came and settled in Singamparai near Mukkudal. A small chapel was built here and the statue of St.Paul was installed in it. The origin of this new hamlet of Singamparai dates as far back as 1845. Read more

About Our Saint
Paul the Apostle (c. AD 5 – c. AD 67; variously referred to as the “Apostle … Read more
About Our Parish Priest
Rev. Fr. Arul Nesamani is our 20th Parish Priest …Read more
Singamparai Village History and history of St.Paul’s Church.

சிங்கம்பாறை ஊர் மற்றும் புனித சின்னப்பர் திருத்தலம் உருவான வரலாறு.

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