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About 200 years ago the Catholic community converted by St. Francis Xavier and other Catholic community from Somantheperi came and settled in mylapuram near Mukudal. The clash and conflicts between the two groups paved the way for the migtation of the community and the creation of Singamparai. The Catholics from Somanathaperi bought the northern side of Mylapuram from a Muslim land – lord of Pettai and settled there with the help of Rev. Fr. Paul Nather, the visiting missionary. There after it was named as Singamparai. A small chapel was built here and the statue of St. Paul was installed in it, which was removed from the Church of St. Peter and Paul at Mylapuram. The origin of this new hamlet of Singamparai dates as far back as 1845.

 Till 1901 Singamparai was under the jurisdiction of Sendamaram during which period the Chapel was enlarged with a titled roof in 1894. Then it was included with Viravanallur, and Rev. Fr. Gabriel laid the foundation for the present Church in 1991. The construction of the Church was completed in 1929 by Rev. Fr. A. Couturier S.J. who also built up quarters for the priest.

In 1931 Singamparai was made a separate parish and Rev. Fr. A Couturier became the first parish priest. He sowed the seeds for good education by starting schools for boys and girls separately. In 1938 the sister of the Immaculate conception were brought fromMaduraiand they did their best for the betterment of the Parish. indeed Fr. Couturier uplifted the undeveloped parish in so manyways.

Rev. Fr. T. Kurian S.J. Rev. Fr. S.A. Antony Metha S.J. and M.V. Diaz served under Fri. Courturier as Assistant Parish Priest. His amicable and amicable character won the hearts of his parishners, and he was respected to such an extend that they celebrated the Golden Jubilee of his entrance in to the society of Jesus in 1938 in a grand manner.

Fr. Couturier was succeeded by Fr. R. Visuvasam in 1941. The successers were also successful in many aspects. This old Parish celebrated its Golden Jubiliee during the time of Rev. Fr. S.L. Arulappan.

All priest, who served there took the interest in improving the standard of people life. So many developmental work had been carriedout. The school which was only middle, was upgraded up to 12th Standard. Thus the Female Literary was encouraged.

Contact : Mukkudal (via), Singamparai – 627 601, Tirunelveli District | Telephone: 04634-274569

Our Parish Priast List

Year : Father’s name
1930 – 1940 : Fr.Alphonse Kuthuriyar
1940 – 1947 : Fr.R.Visuvasam
1947 – 1950 : Fr.Valantin Dias
1950 – 1957 : Fr.J. Manala
1957 – 1959 : Fr.K.S.Visuvasam
1959 – 1960 : Fr.P.S.Antony
1960 – 1963 : Fr.R.S.Peter
1963 – 1972 : Fr.A.Arulappar
1972 – 1978 : Fr.Perkmans
1978 – 1987 : Fr.S.L.Arulappan
1987 – 1990 : Fr.Arul Amburose
1990 – 1996 : Fr.S.L.Lurudu Raj
1996 – 1999 : Fr.Jokim
1999 – 2001 : Fr.Anna samy
2001 – 2004 : Fr.John Britto
2004 – 2007 : Fr.Lawrans
2007 to 2012 : Fr.Alocius Durairaj